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Permit Center & Building Department
Last Update:  29 December 2017

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The Town of Beaux Arts Village issues its own building, mechanical, plumbing, demolition and street-opening permits.  The Town does not issue permits for electrical work.  Electrical permits are issued by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries, Bellevue Service Location, 425.990.1400.

The permit process is the means by which a property owner demonstrates that any construction proposed for their property complies with the local regulations and state and Federal laws in effect at the time the permit application is filed with the Town.  Most construction projects require a permit of some type, so it is important that owners contact the Town's Building Department before beginning any construction work, as any owner who starts a project without the needed permits will be charged a penalty in addition to the normal permit fees.

In the list below, you will find links to instructions that explain how to obtain a permit, the forms to be completed, and descriptions of the plans, drawings, and fees that must be submitted to the Town for review before the permit can be issued.  Further down the page is a link to the Town codes governing the work to be performed.  These codes explain the Town's Zoning rules, building standards, and schedule of inspections.  If you do not have access to a printer, copies of these documents may be obtained at no charge (other than to cover the cost of postage) by contacting the Building Department by phone at 425.269.6985 or by email at

We're pleased to offer applicants the option of submitting some documents electronically.  Please review the instructions here:  Electronic Review Requirements and PDF Formatting Requirements.

For each type of permit, you will need a copy of each of the forms listed.  Please note that some forms are available in fillable pdf format for your convenience.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these forms.

            Get Acrobat Reader (link to

Building Permit forms Application for Building Permit OR Application for Building Permit (fillable)
Instructions for Submitting a Permit Application
Building Permit Checklist
Grading/Drainage Permit Checklist (please use the Application for Building Permit to apply for a Grading/Drainage permit.)
Application for Fire Services to Contract Cities (Fire-Marshal Review Application)
Mechanical/Plumbing Permit forms Application for Mechanical/Plumbing Permit OR Application for Mechanical/Plumbing Permit (fillable)
Instructions for Submitting a Permit Application
Right-of-way Use Permit forms (for adjacent owners) Application for ROW Permit OR Application for ROW Permit (fillable)
(Adjacent property owners: please use this application to request permission to use the adjacent ROW per BAV MC 12.15.)
  Instructions for Submitting a Permit Application
Commercial ROW-Use Permit forms Application for Commercial ROW (CRW) Permit  OR Application for Commercial ROW Permit (fillable)
(Contractors and other commercial entities: please use this application to request permission to perform work and/or operate heavy equipment on the right of way, including the paved roadway, per BAV MC 12.20.  This excludes work performed under a building permit for which the Heavy Truck Fee has been paid.)
  Instructions for Submitting a Permit Application
Demolition Permit forms Application for Demolition Permit
  Demolition Permit Application Instructions
  Application to Disconnect Sewer - City of Bellevue
  Asbestos Removal Information - Puget Sound Clean Air Agency
Tree Removal Permit forms Application for Tree Removal Permit OR Application for Tree Removal Permit (fillable)
  Tree Removal Permit Application Instructions
  Tree Removal Permit Checklist
  Ord. No. 404 amending BAV MC 16.25.030 of the Tree Code
Variance forms Application for Variance (includes checklist)
Variance Application Instructions
Variance FAQs
Boundary Line Adjustment form Instructions and Application for Boundary Line Adjustment
Short Subdivision form Instructions and Application for Short Subdivision

For each type of permit or land-use application, you will also want to review the Beaux Arts Village Municipal Code (BAV MC) for the regulations governing your project.  Please use this link to connect to the online version  You will want to pay particular attention to the following:

bulletChapter 15.05 Building Code
bulletChapter 15.10 Heavy Truck Fee
bulletChapter 16.25 Tree Code
bulletChapter 12.15 Right of Way Code (applies to adjacent private-property owners only)
bulletChapter 12.20 Commercial ROW-Use Code
bulletChapter 18.05 Comprehensive Plan  (click here to read the full Comp Plan)
bulletChapter 18.10 Zoning Code
bulletChapter 17.05 Subdivision Code

One other section that may impact construction is related to stormwater regulations:

bulletChapter 13.15 Stormwater Management

You may also wish to review:

bulletthe Town's Fee Resolution No. 298 setting the fees for various services and permits with the Town of Beaux Arts Village. (1/12/2016)
bulletThe Bellevue Fire Department's webpages discussing Fire Permits - Contract Cities. These fire-prevention permits are required for many construction-related activities in cities that contract with Bellevue for fire-protection services.  Scroll down to "Fire Permits - Contract Cities" and click on the button for   Fire Contract City - Building    for links to more information, including forms and fees.

Other regulations that may pertain to specialized projects can be found on the Municipal Code (formerly Key Ordinances) page or by contacting the Building Department at

Property owners must also comply with King County, Washington State and Federal regulations that affect their proposed project and/or property, including but not limited to the following.


1.  Beaux Arts is home to at least one pair of nesting bald eagles; many construction projects will be subject to Federal and state rules that protect the eagles' habitat. Please visit for current rules and regulations.  To view a map depicting the nest locations overlaid with 400- and 800-foot circles, click here.

2.  King County recently enacted rules requiring that all construction and demolition (C&D) materials generated in King County be taken to a King County Designated C&D Facility. In addition, the following materials are banned from disposal and must be separated from non-recyclable waste either at the jobsite or at a designated C&D processing facility:

               Wood (clean, untreated, unpainted), Cardboard, Metal, Gypsum Scrap (new), Asphalt Paving, Bricks, and Concrete.

For more information about these rules, please visit  For a list of designated recycling facilities, please visit

The professional consultants staffing our Building Department work for the Town under contract.  As such, any and all hours that they work are billable to the specific project they are reviewing, inspecting, etc.  Property owners will be billed for the charges associated with these hours.  If you obtain a permit for your project, the charges will be billed as part of the fees for your permit.  If, for some reason, you do not need a permit or choose not to move forward with a project, the charges will be billed to you separately.

bulletThe Town contracts with Kolke Consulting Group for building-official, inspection, engineering, and code-enforcement services.  Staff at KCG review permit applications for completeness and compliance with applicable building codes, perform periodic inspections during construction, and complete the final inspection needed for a Certificate of Occupancy.  Staff at KCG also enforce the Town's Building and Zoning Codes when a violation is observed and on a complaint basis.  Please contact Deputy Clerk Angela Kulp at or 425.269.6985 for a first referral.
bulletThe Town contracts with Mona Green for planning services.  Ms. Green reviews permit applications for compliance with the Town's zoning code, prepares staff reports analyzing requests for variance, and assists the Town Council and Planning Commission with general planning issues.  Please contact Deputy Clerk Angela Kulp at or 425.269.6985 for a first referral.
bulletThe Town contracts with Stacia Schroeder at Northwest Civil Solutions for Town engineering services.  Ms. Schroeder assists with inspections related to ROW permits, both private and commercial.
bulletThe Town contracts with Tree Solutions for arborist services.  Tree Solutions reviews permit applications for compliance with the Town's tree code and assists the Town Council and Planning Commission with issues involving tree protection and preservation.  Please contact Deputy Clerk Angela Kulp at or 425.269.6985 for a first referral.

Property owners making physical improvements to a detached single-family dwelling can exempt the value of that improvement from their property-tax assessment for three years by applying for a Home Improvement exemption through the King County Department of Assessments.  Some conditions apply.  Click here for more information (scroll down to the section titled "Home Improvement") and a link to the needed form on the King County Assessor's website.