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Last Update:  2 March 2017

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PLANNING COMMISSION APPOINTMENTS:  Mayor Leider recently appointed Aletha Howes and Kim Moloney to the Planning Commission.  Ms. Howes replaces Bennet Yen, who resigned due to work obligations), and Ms. Moloney replaces Jan Johnston, who completed her term in December 2016.  All who serve the Town on the Council and Planning Commission do so as volunteers; when you have the chance, please take a moment to thank them for their willingness to tackle the issues on our behalf!

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DRAFT HOME DESIGN GUIDELINES:  The Planning Commission has been working to define preferred design standards for new home construction in the Village.  Commissioners recognize that an early introduction to the Town's preferences through a published statement of design guidelines would be effective.  The statement would be available in a prominent location on the Town website, as well as distributed to local realtors and homebuilders.  Please click here to view the draft document.  The Planning Commission is interested in any feedback, both to the document itself and the method of distribution.  Please feel free to forward your comments to Deputy Clerk Angela Kulp at

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CERTIFIED LOCAL GOVERNMENT:  The Planning Commission has recommended that the Council consider adopting an ordinance establishing quidelines for historic preservation to create property-owner incentives for preserving and protecting historic properties within the Town.  The Planning Commission developed this ordinance after devoting eighteen months studying various ways to encourage the preservation of historic properties in the Village by creating voluntary incentives.  The proposed program has been adopted by more than 80 cities of varying sizes throughout Washington (click here for a complete list) and allows property owners to take advantage of tax incentives in exchange for following specific guidelines that preserve and protect historic properties.  To review the proposed ordinance, please see:  Proposed Ordinance for Certified Local Governments.

The Council will hold a public hearing on Tuesday January 10, 2017 to hear comments from residents and then consider passing the proposed ordinance.  Interested parties are encouraged to attend and participate in the discussion.

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EAST LINK UPDATESound Transit will kick-off East Link construction in south Bellevue as early as January 2017. One of the first activities in the area will be closing the South Bellevue Park-and-Ride on Bellevue Way SE for up to five years. Sound Transit’s contractor will use the park-and-ride site to stage equipment and materials for building the light rail track, South Bellevue Station and a parking garage. Sound Transit has developed a multifaceted  plan to help users of the South Bellevue Park-and-Ride get around during the closure. The program involves leasing new park-and-ride facilities, using existing park-and-ride facilities with capacity, enhancing transit mobility and offering new travel programs, options and incentives. Please click here for a folio with information on available park-and-ride options during construction OR click here for more information about replacement parking throughout the Sound Transit system.

What to expect next:  Before construction begins in south Bellevue, Sound Transit will host a construction open house as an opportunity for the community to meet the contractor and learn more about the construction process, including information regarding schedule, traffic impacts, work hours and sequencing of activities. During construction, Sound Transit staff will provide the community with advance notice of construction activities through our website and construction alerts.

For more information, visit, sign-up for alerts at, or check the East Link online events calendar for notice of upcoming participation opportunities.  For information in alternative formats, call 1-800-201-4900 / TTY Relay: 711 or email

You may contact Sound Transit Community Outreach by email at or by phone at 206-398-LINK with any other questions.

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TRAFFIC MITIGATION: The City of Bellevue Transportation Department and Sound Transit's East Link Light Rail group recently mailed the South Bellevue East Link Construction Draft Traffic Mitigation Plan to Beaux Arts and Enatai residents.  Please visit  for more information about the draft plan; for detailed information about the project, visit the City of Bellevue website page  The draft plan presented was developed by a committee that includes three Villagers and a number of Enatai residents who have been meeting for several months.  The Transportation/East Link team met with each of the four impacted neighborhoods in September, including a visit with the Beaux Arts Town Council at their September meeting.  Through October 16th, the Neighborhood Traffic Mitigation Committee is seeking feedback on this Draft Plan and how it addresses neighborhood concerns about commuter cut-through traffic via a short online survey, which can be found at  Villagers are STRONGLY encouraged to review the proposed plans and offer feedback!  The Committee will consider the community feedback and refine the draft in October; traffic mitigation and construction should begin January 2017.

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King County Requirements for Recycling & Disposal Of Construction & Demolition Materials

Ø  Background

A new King County Ordinance (number 18166, effective in 2016) requires that all construction and demolition (C&D) materials generated in King County be taken to a King County Designated C&D Facility. In addition, the following materials are banned from disposal and must be separated from non-recyclable waste either at the jobsite or at a designated C&D processing facility: Wood (clean, untreated, unpainted), Cardboard, Metal, Gypsum Scrap (new), Asphalt Paving, Bricks, and Concrete.

Ø Resources

The following are useful resources regarding the ordinance:

Ø  Online Ordinance Details—

Ø  Designated Facilities List—

Ø  King County Solid Waste Division C&D Specialist—Kinley Deller,

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NEW GOLF-CART REGISTRATION PROCESS:  In February 2016, the Council passed an ordinance allowing the use of golf carts in the Town according to certain regulations and requirements, including the need to register their cart with the Town annually.  Please use the following links for more information:


Information about the registration process can be found HERE.


Information about the rules for use, including cart safety features, can be found here:  BAVMC 10.15 GOLF CARTS.


Click here for the Golf Cart Registration Form.

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bulletFor the most up-to-date construction information, sign-up for alerts at
bulletContact Luke Lamon, Sound Transit Community Outreach, at 206-903-7469 or

Sound Transit's contractor will work throughout this spring and summer preparing the site for tunneling, which will likely begin this fall, after a temporary sound wall is built around the south portal site.

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UPDATE 6/16/2016 - City of Bellevue has prepared an FAQ Sheet answering a number of questions about this proposed project.  Please take a look.

Villagers should have received a flyer by mail from the City of Bellevue inviting interested area residents to attend an Open House on Wednesday June 15th at Bellevue City Hall from 5 to 7 pm.  The Open House will give attendees a chance to learn more about the project, view preliminary design alternatives, and help develop evaluation criteria.  Project staff will be available to listen to comments and suggestions and answer questions.  If you are unable to attend in person, the flyer states that you can review all of the materials and participate online at: 

5/15/2016:  The City of Bellevue is exploring options to build a new southbound HOV lane on Bellevue Way SE to increase capacity for traffic leaving downtown and to improve transit speed and reliability.  The City is asking residents of Bellevue and surrounding cities for help in evaluating multiple project design options.  Villagers should have received a flyer in the mail with details.  Details are also available online at

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COMPREHENSIVE PLAN UPDATE:  Washington State mandates that cities review and update their Comprehensive Plans every ten years; this mandate usually includes certain topics to be addressed in the periodic mandate.  In response to these regulations, the Planning Commission prepared draft updates to the Town's current Comprehensive Plan addressing address all current state requirements and including other information important to the Beaux Arts community.  After completing this work, the Planning Commission held a public hearing on Thursday October 16, 2014 to hear comments on the proposed updates and make revisions, as needed.  The Planning Commission then forwarded the plan to the Council for review with the recommendation that the updated Comprehensive Plan be adopted and submitted to the state for final approval.

The Council conducted its first review of the draft 2014 Comprehensive Plan at their January 13, 2015 meeting.  To assist this discussion, the Council used a two-page Reader's Guide that outlines the changes incorporated into this version of the plan.  On February 10, 2015, the Council held its public hearing on the proposed draft during its regular meeting.  As a result of that hearing and the Council's own discussions, Town Planner Mona Green prepared a final draft for Council review and action in July.  On July 21, 2015, the Council passed Ordinance No. 416 adopting the Town of Beaux Arts Village 2015-2035 Comprehensive Plan (included as an exhibit).

Though the Comprehensive Plan does not, in itself, establish rules for growth, zoning, and land use, it does serve as an important guide to the Town Council and the Planning Commission in the development of future land-use regulations.  It also serves to inform others, including nearby cities, of the characteristics of Beaux Arts Village that are most valued by and make it special to its residents.

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HISTORIC HOMES STUDY:  Recently, the Council authorized the Planning Commission to begin a study on ways to encourage the preservation of historic homes in Beaux Arts Village through incentives while still respecting owners' rights to use, maintain, and develop their properties in conformance with the Town's Zoning Code.  The Planning Commission recently hosted a presentation on this topic.  If you were are interested in viewing the slideshow from this presentation, please click here.  The Planning Commission expects to continue this discussion for several months and welcomes anyone interested to attend the February meeting to learn more and offer insights.

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SHORELINE MASTER PROGRAM UPDATE:  The Department of Ecology has granted final approval to the Town's updated Shoreline Master Program.  At the September 2014 Council meeting, the Council passed Ordinance No. 412, which formally adopts this update SMP.  Thank you to the many residents who discussed, reviewed, and otherwise contributed to the community-wide effort to update these important regulations so that the Town has a workable program that fits our unique waterfront and complies with state statutes.

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WHICH MAILBOX IS WHICH?  There continues to be a lot of confusion about which box to use for various payments, correspondence, and outgoing mail.  Here is a brief reminder about which box to use:

bulletWATER PAYMENTS:  All payments for water bills may be placed in the locked box on the pole near the mailstand across from the water tower.  This box is identified as "TOWN OF BEAUX ARTS VILLAGE / BEAUX ARTS WATER DEPARTMENT".  You may also continue mailing your payments to BAWD, 10530 SE 27th Street, Beaux Arts, WA  98004.
bulletTOWN CORRESPONDENCE:  Correspondence intended for the Town Council, staff, and other boards and commissions may be placed in the locked box on the pole near the mailstand across from the water tower.  This box is the same as for WATER PAYMENTS and is identified as "TOWN OF BEAUX ARTS VILLAGE / BEAUX ARTS WATER DEPARTMENT".  You may also mail correspondence to Town of Beaux Arts Village, 10550 SE 27th Street, Beaux Arts, WA 98004.
bulletWABA PAYMENTS AND CORRESPONDENCE:  All correspondence and payments to the Western Academy of Beaux Arts (WABA) may be placed in the locked box on the mailstand on SE 28th Street just west of 104th Avenue SE.  This box is identified as "WABA".  You may also mail payments and correspondence to WABA, 10100 SE 28th Pl, Beaux Arts, WA  98004.
bulletOUTGOING MAIL:  All outgoing mail, i.e. stamped mail that you want the postal carrier to take to the Post Office for delivery to another address should be placed in the green mailbox on the left end of the mailstand on SE 28th Street just west of 104th Ave SE.  This mailbox is identified as "OUTGOING MAIL" and "U.S. MAIL".

Please remember that the Town of Beaux Arts Village and the Western Academy of Beaux Arts are two completely separate entities.  Each employs its own clerks to conduct business in their own spaces.  If you place mail for one entity in the box of the other, the clerks will do their best to place your mail in the correct box in a timely manner.  But delays are inevitable, so please use the correct box to avoid possible late charges and/or lost mail.

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ZIP+4 LOOKUP:  Beaux Arts will benefit greatly from recent changes in the way sales tax is collected and distributed in Washington State IF residents will use their ZIP+4 zip code for all online purchases and local purchases delivered to your home.  If you don't already know your ZIP+4, please click here for a link to the lookup feature at

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