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April 01, 2024

Are you interested in changing your pickup schedule for recycling and/or yard-waste from alternating weeks to EVERY WEEK?  Mayor Howes is discussing schedule changes with Republic Services and wants your input.  Current rates are posted on the UTC website here (see pg. 23); however, Villagers should be aware that rates for the collection of organics are in review due to cost increases at Cedar Grove.

Switching from the current schedule to weekly pickup increases collection rates as follows:

  • WEEKLY RECYLCING RATES would increase approx. 24% from $11.15/ mo. to $13.85/mo. (This increase would apply to ALL Republic Services customers in Beaux Arts.)
  • WEEKLY YARD-WASTE RATES would increase approx. 35% from $9.99/mo. to $13.53/mo. (This increase would only affect those who subscribe to yard-waste pickup and does not include the possible rate increase mentioned above.)

Please take a moment to indicate whether you support this service change by emailing Clerk/Treasurer Spens at