Alaska Way Viaduct (SR 99) Closure in Seattle - January 11, 2019

SR 99 through Seattle closes on January 11, 2019 for three weeks while connections to the new tun... [more...]

Sound Transit - South Bellevue Construction Alert - December 05, 2018 [more...]


Meeting Calendar


January 9 Stowe
February 13 Dix
March 13 Gillem
April 10 Howes
May 8 Juhle
June 12 Stowe
July 10 Corra
August 14 (No meeting unless needed.)
September 11 Dix
October 9 Gillem
November 13 Howes
December 11 Juhle


Regular Council meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month and being at 7pm. 

Because the Town of Beaux Arts Village has no Town Hall, Council meetings are usually hosted by Councilmembers in their homes. Any resident may offer their home as a meeting location. For privacy reasons, meeting addresses are not listed here. Residents may check their Green Book directory for addresses or the meeting agenda posted on their mailstand.

If you need more information about the location of a specific meeting or wish to host an upcoming Council meeting, please contact Clerk/Treasurer Sue Ann Spens.



Contact Info

Sue Ann Spens