Right of Way (ROW) Maintenance

Right-of-way (ROW) maintenance in the Town of Beaux Arts Village protects the public property so that it can fulfill a number of important functions, including providing space for:

  • roads for ingress to/egress from private property,
  • storm drains that remove stormwater runoff from those roads safely and efficiently,
  • appartus used by utilities to deliver water, electricity, gas, etc. to home,
  • fire hydrants, mailstands, name signs and other improvements that serve residents needs,
  • temporary guest parking, and
  • green space that enhances the Village feel of the Town.

Street maintenance, i.e. preserving the integrity and usefulness of the Town's paved roadways, and storm-drain maintenance are the primary functions of the Street Department.  Activities in support of these functions are managed by the Town Council, and many of them are performed by a contract Street Superintendent.  The Town also maintains the fire hydrants.

Utility appartus, including distribution lines, is maintained by each utility.  Beaux Arts maintains its own water department; all other utilities are provided by outside agencies or companies.

Arrangements for the purchas and installation of name signs are made through the Clerk's Office.

The Town's approach to maintaining the green space on our ROWs is changing.  Beaux Arts Village was founded in 1908, and in our first 100 years, most ROW maintenance was handled by residents, who often enhanced the ROW with their own plantings and kept it tidy and weed free.  Twice each year, they devoted time to Town Clean Ups designed to focus on a few larger spaces that needed some extra attention.  Times have changed, everyone is busier, and our public spaces need the extra help of some professional maintenance and management.  The Council has hired a landscape service to assist in the trimming, weeding, blowing and other work needed to keep our ROWs looking as nice as possible.

If you see an area of the ROW that you think needs some extra attention, please contact Clerk/Treasurer Sue Ann Spens with the location and the work needed.

Residents are still encouraged to consider enhancing the ROW adjacent to their home (also known as the planting strip).  For more information, please review the Right of Way (ROW) Permits page of this section.

PLEASE NOTE:  The removal of trees from public property is strictly prohibited.