Code Enforcement Complaints

Villagers are mindful of their surroundings and are more likely than non-residents to notice if something is amiss. If you have a concern or complaint about a possible code violation, please fill out a Complaint Form (see below) and deliver it to the Town by mail, email, or hand-delivery using the contact information on the form.


The Deputy Clerk will direct your concern/complaint to the Town's code-enforcement officer, who will determine whether a code violations exists and how to remedy the situation, as appropriate. Using the Complaint Form will ensure that the details of your complaint are accurately shared with our code-enforcement officer and will simplify the documentation of this process.


Please be aware that the Town occasionally receives complaints that appear to be intended to harass a neighbor rather than alert staff to a safety or code-related concern.  If Town staff determine as part of the complaint investigation that no code violation exists and that harassment appears to be the complainant's intent (based on existing factors, including the number/type of complaints received, the frequency of complaints, etc.), the Town may pass on any and all charges associated with the investigation to the complainant (in accordance with the Town's Fees Resolution).


PLEASE NOTE: If you see something suspicious (persons, vehicles, etc.) or unsafe, call 911 immediately. 911 operators are trained to determine the nature of an emergency and dispatch the appropriate resources to address it.