Public Works Department Consultants

The Town of Beaux Arts Village contracts with several professional consultants to staff our Public Works Department. Any and all hours that they work are billed to the Town and some may be chargeable to the specific project they are reviewing, inspecting, etc. If the work is performed on behalf of a private property owner, the owner will be billed for the charges associated with these hours based on the Town's current Fee Schedule.

If you obtain (or already have) a permit for your project, the charges will be billed as part of the fees for your permit.  If, for some reason, you do not need a permit or choose not to move forward with a project, the charges will be billed to you separately.  

  • The Town contracts with Stacia Schroeder at Northwest Civil Solutions for Town engineering services.  Ms. Schroeder reviews applications for and performs inspections of ROW permits, both private and commercial.
  • The Town is working to find a contractor for street superintendent services.  The superintendent performs regular street inspections and maintenance, including street-sign installation and repairs, name-sign installations, simple storm-drain cleaning, and fire-hydrant testing.

To speak with either of these consultants, please contact Clerk/Treasurer Sue Ann Spens for public-works projects or Deputy Clerk Addie Tych for building projects.