Water Rates / Billing

Water usage at residences is metered.  Water meters are read every two months by a contractor, usually someone who lives in the Village.  The Clerk-Treasurer uses these readings to produce and mail bi-monthly bills.

The billing rate is a made up of two parts:

  • An $80.00 fixed fee for the first 500cf used.  This fee pays for maintaining the water-distribution system, including the equipment and infrastructure needed to ensure that water is available at each residence when needed.

  • A usage fee of $1.25 for each additional 100cf (or fraction thereof) consumed during the billing cycle.  This fee helps pay for other routine expenses associated with the Water Department and encourages water conservation.

  • All money paid to the Beaux Arts Water Department is kept in a separate fund and is used exclusively for water-department expenses.

Payments are due by the 25th of the billing month. You can either mail you payment to the Beaux Arts Water Department or hand-deliver your payment to the locked mailbox on the mailstand nearest the water tower.  If you are hand-delivering your payment, please place the payment coupon and your check in an envelope -- feel free to reuse the envelope that your bill arrived in -- and insert the envelope in the locked mailbox.  Customers who do not pay by the deadline will incur a late fee.

If you have a question about your water bill, please contact Clerk/Treasurer Sue Ann Spens.