Block Watch

The South Bellevue area is experiencing an increase in number of burglaries, car prowls, and similar incidents, as are many neighborhoods on the Eastside.  The Town has used a Blockwatch System for many years to help neighbors remain informed about these types of incidents and always encourages Villagers to remain vigilant about unusual situations or happenings they may see.  We also try to keep residents informed of potential problems through notices in the Town bulletin or email blasts.

To ensure that Blockwatch works quickly and efficiently, the Town has created a Blockwatch Email Alert list, which is maintained by our Town Clerks.  If you have not already done so or if your email address has changed, please forward your current email address to One of our clerks or the Town Marshal so that we keep the distribution list for this vital service as up-to-date as possible.

Thanks to improvements in technology, there are now other options available, and we encourage our residents to take advantage of them, including the Enatai Nextdoor Website at To use this website, you will need to create an account and confirm your address.  Once confirmed, you will gain access to a "reader board" with postings about various events and offerings in the neighborhood.  In addition, you will find a page devoted entirely to Crime & Safety.

As incidents become known, we will post what we can on this page to help keep residents informed.  In addition, we offer the following general advice:

  • Please remember to use your locks on doors, windows, gates, garages, etc.
  • Set your home alarms.
  • Put lights on timers, communicate with your neighbors.
  • Call 9-1-1 if you notice anything suspicious.  License plates, names and descriptions are always helpful to law enforcement, if available.
  • Be mindful of boxes you put out on the curb during garbage and recycle pickup; you may be advertising what’s inside your home.
  • Have a plan for making it look like you’re home, especially if you are out of town.
  • Remove valuables from vehicles, and keep them where they cannot be seen through your home windows.