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To serve you better, we've assembled a list of our residents' most frequently asked questions. Many of these questions are also addressed on other pages of this website. If you don't find your answer here, feel free to contact us.  

Contact Info

Sue Ann Spens

Angela Kulp
Deputy Clerk

Jeff Jochums / Robert Heintz
Town Marshal's Office

Frequently Asked Questions

Clerk's Office

Animal Control

The Town contracts with King County for animal services. Please visit the "Animal Services" page in the Other Resources > King County of this website for more information.

Burning Permits

Outdoor burning of brush is no longer allowed.  For more information, visit Bellevue Fire Department's Fire Prevention FAQs or call the Bellevue Fire Department at 425.452.6872.

Business Licenses

The Town of Beaux Arts Village is zoned as a residential area, allowing commercial activity within Town limits under very limited circumstances as described in Beaux Arts Village Municipal Code 18.10.060 Commercial Activity.  We do not issue business licenses; however, contractors and other firms providing goods or services to residents must have a valid business license in effect at their regular place of business, e.g. office, shop, etc

Golf Cart Registration

The Town's instructions and forms for registering your golf cart can be found on the "Other Town Services" page of this section.


The two hospitals closest to Beaux Arts are:

  • Overlake Hospital Medical Center, 1035 - 116th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA, and
  • Kaiser Permanente Bellevue Medical Center, 11511 NE 10th St, Bellevue, WA 98004.
  • Other hospitals located in the greater Seattle include Harborview Medical Center, Swedish Medical Center, Virginia Mason Medical Center, University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle Children's Hospital, and Evergreen Hospital (Kirkland).


The Town's parking rules can be found in Beaux Arts Village Municipal Code Chapter 10.10.  If there is a parking violation near your home, please contact Town Marshal Jeff Jochums or Deputy Marshal Robert Heintz.

Post Offices

There are several post offices within 20 miles of Beaux Arts, including:

  • the Main Bellevue Post Office is located at 12224 NE Bel-Red Rd in Bellevue,
  • the Midlakes Post Office is located at 12400 SE 38th Street in Bellevue (near the Factoria Mall), and
  • the Mercer Island Post Office is located at 3040 - 78th Ave SE on Mercer Island.

Property Taxes

Property taxes are the Town's primary source of operating revenue, but the Town only receives a small portion of the property taxes paid by each property owner (about 11%).  State statutes mandate that the Town may increase the dollar value of its property-tax levy by no more than 1% without putting a larger increase before the people for a vote.  If you have questions about your current property tax bill or property taxes in general, please click here.

Sales Tax

Did you know that sales tax produces significant revenue for the Town?  The main sources of sales-tax revenue are construction projects and purchases delivered to your Beaux Arts address.  To ensure that the Town receives its share of sales-tax, please do the following:

  • Ask your contractor to report all construction-related transactions to the Department of Revenue using the Beaux Arts Village Sales Tax Code:  1703
  • Use your Zip Code + 4 when you order goods for delivery to your home.  If you don't know your zip+4, please use the Zip Code Tool at the US Postal Service website.


Beaux Arts Village is located in the Bellevue School District.  The three main public schools serving Beaux Arts are Enatai Elementary School, Chinook Middle School, and Bellevue High School.

Town / WABA Mailboxes

The Town of Beaux Arts Village and the Western Academy of BEaux Arts (WABA) are two distinct entities.  The Town is a municipal government directed by the Town Council, while WABA is a private entity overseen by the WABA Board of Trustees.

The Town of Beaux Arts Village and the Beaux Arts Water Department share a locking mailbox on the mailstand across from the water tower on SE 27th St.  THIS MAILBOX IS ONLY FOR INCOMING MAIL INTENDED FOR THE TOWN OF BEAUX ARTS VILLAGE OR THE BEAUX ARTS WATER DEPARTMENT.

Please do not put your outgoing mail or your mail for WABA in the Town's mailbox as this will delay its proper handling.

  • OUTGOING MAIL (i.e. mail you want the mail carrier to collect and take to the Post Office) can be placed in the GREEN locking mailbox near the mailstand on SE 28th Street just west of 104th Ave SE.  This box is clearly marked for OUTGOING MAIL.
  • WABA MAIL can be placed in the BLACK locking mailbox on the mailstand on SE 28th Street just west of 104th Ave SE.  This box is clearly marked for WABA and is addressed as 10010 SE 28th.

Trees and Tree Cutting

The Town of Beaux Arts Village is known for its trees!  This abundance of trees creates a tranquil forest-like feel despite being only minutes away from two urban centers.  Villagers have treasured this forest for many years and, until recently, managed it through shared community pride and a vision for its preservation rather than through formal regulations.  In 2008, the Town enacted rules to formally regulate the cutting of trees and a permit process to monitor that cutting, further ensuring the preservation of our urban forest.  These rules are codified in Beaux Arts Village Municipal Code Chapter 16.25.

PLEASE NOTE:  The removal of trees from public property is strictly prohibited.

Voter Registration / Elections

The King County Department of Elections registers voters and oversees elections for all of King County.  Please visit their website or call them at (206) 296-VOTE (8683).

ZIP + 4

The Town receives a portion of the sales tax that residents pay for purchases when the purchased items are delivered to a home address.  To ensure that the Town receives its share of the sales taxes you pay, please use your "Zip Code + 4" for all purchases.  If you don't know your zip+4, you can look it up using the Zip Code Tool on the US Postal Service website.

Water Department

Water Department Address

Beaux Arts Water Department
10530 SE 27th Street
Beaux Arts, WA  98004

Please use this address for payments to and mailed correspondence with the Beaux Arts Water Department.

Backflow Prevention Device Testing

Homeowners who have a lawn-irrigation system, fire-sprinkler system, pond, spa, hot tub, swimming pool or any other installation that is permanently connected to the water-distribution system are required to install and maintain a backflow prevention device (BFD). This device prevents water sitting in any of these systems from flowing back into the water-distribution system -- a potentially serious source of contamination.  This device must be tested annually by a certified inspector.  Each spring, the Town arranges for bulk testing of BFDs on behalf of residents who wish to participate in the program.  There is a nominal fee for this testing, usually about $40 per test.  Homeowners who choose NOT to participate in this bulk testing must arrange for their own annual test and submit the results of that test to the Beaux Arts Water Department, 10530 SE 27th Street, Beaux Arts, WA  98004.

Franchise Utilities

Puget Sound Energy

Puget Sound Energy supplies electricity and gas service to Town residents.  Please visit their website at for information about starting/stopping service, reporting outages, to view your bill, and other services.

If you see a street light out near your home, you may contact PSE through one of the following:

When possible, record the pole ID number to include with your outage report.

Bellevue Sewer Utility

Bellevue Sewer Utility provides sanitary sewer service to Town residents.  Please visit their website at for information about the sewer system, what to do in case of a sewer backup, and who to contact with questions about your bill.

Comcast (Xfinity)

Comcast provides TV and internet services to Town residents through a hard-wired system.  Please visit their website at for information about their services.

Republic Services

Republic Services offers garbage, recycling, and yard-waste collection services to Town Residents.  Please visit their website at to learn more about the services they offer in Beaux Arts.

Century Link

Century Link provides landline-based phone and internet services to Town residents.  Please visit their website at for more information.

Other County Services

Hazardous Waste Disposal

King County provides information for the disposal of hazardous waste as part of their Local Hazardous Waste Management Program (LHWMP) at including disposal locations, safer alternatives, and other valuable information for residents and businesses.