Permits and Inspections

The permit process is the means by which a property owner demonstrates that construction proposed for their property complies with all local regulations and state and Federal laws in effect at the time the permit application is filed with the Town.  Most construction projects need a permit of some type, so it is important that owners. architects, and contractors consult the Beaux Arts Village Municipal Code before beginning any construction work.  Any person who starts a construction project without the needed permits will be charged a penalty in addition to the normal permit fees.

The inspection process ensures that contractors build all structures according to the requirements of the permit issued.  Inspections protect both homeowners and the Town from construction that fails to meet the requirements of the International Residential Code.

Please review these important points:

  • The Town of Beaux Arts Village issues its own building, grading,mechanical, plumbing, demolition, tree-removal and right-of-way permits.  The Town does NOT issue permits for electrical work.  Electrical permits are issued by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries, Bellevue Service Location, 425.990.1400.

  • The removal of trees from public property is strictly prohibited.

  • Links to the application forms, instructions and checklists for permits issued by the Town are listed below.  Forms that are fillable pdfs begin with the designation "f-" in the form name.  (You will need Adobe Acrobat to use these documents.)

  • The schedule of Fees for Permits and Services can be found on the Clerk's Office page of this website.

  • Property owners making physical improvements to a detached single-family dwelling can exempt the value of that improvement from their property-tax assessment for three years by applying for a Home Improvement Exemption through the King County Department of Assessments.  Some conditions apply.  Click here for more information (scroll down to the section titled "Home Improvement") and a link to the needed form on the King County Assessor's website.

If you need help with any aspect of the permit process, please contact Deputy Clerk Addie Tych through our CONTACT US page.